Alabama Rivers & Streams Network Meeting - January 15, 2019
January 31, 2019
On January 15, 2018, the Alabama Rivers and Streams Network held its annual meeting for entities performing studies or improving habitat for Alabama’s threatened, endangered or at-risk species.  There were 49 attendees from federal and state agencies (Alabama, Florida and Georgia), utilities, industries, forestry organizations, colleges and universities and nonprofits.  A special 'THANKS" goes to PowerSouth Energy Cooperative for hosting the meeting.
Updates were provided on ESA listings, US F&WS initiatives, Geological Survey of Alabama activities, Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center, The Nature Conservancy, Strategic Habitat Internships, ARSN website (  Other presentations centered on specific work in the Locust Fork and Coosa watersheds.  Three eDNA projects were highlighted: 
·        Update on eDNA Surveys of Three Imperiled Species, Michael Sandel, University of West Alabama,
·        Flattened Musk Turtle eDNA, Jim Godwin, Auburn University, and
·        Trispot Darter eDNA Survey, Parker Nenstiel-Geological Survey of Alabama, Ani Popp-Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Michael Sandel, University of West Alabama.