Service and its Partners Remove Another Dam in Greater Birmingham Area, Improves Aquatic Habitat
November 22, 2013
Big Canoe Creek is home to some of America’s rarest aquatic species. This week, a project sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) will dramatically improve water quality and habitat of the creek, giving those imperiled species a better chance at recovery. The Service joined its partners in removing the Goodwin’s Mill Dam from Big Canoe Creek. The dam was constructed in the ea... Read More...
Dam destruction to create expanded habitat for rare Alabama fish
October 31, 2013
For nearly a century, a small dam on Turkey Creek in Jefferson County has threatened the survival of a tiny fish found nowhere else in the world. But after years of planning, the dam is about to come down – which will help expand the limited habitat of the vermilion darter and improve water quality for nearby communities.

Tiny fish: Castleberry's Jordan Creek is full of native treasure
February 14, 2013

CASTLEBERRY, Alabama -- While most anglers would bemoan a day spent catching nothing but tiny fish, the group fishing in a tributary of Murder Creek was ebullient.

Feds add to endangered species list as biologists work to save the lady fishers
October 11, 2012
Three hundred orangenacre muckets, their delicate shells the color of warm caramel, sat nestled in a wet towel by the edge of Tallatchee Creek.... Read More...
Alabama landowners partner to keep water unpolluted
June 26, 2012
When a small army of state and federal agents show up at a rural Alabama farm, you might expect a confrontation. But Bryan Burgess of Ashville has welcomed them. Read More...
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